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David Kilgour - Left by Soft, 2011 Reviews of 'Left by Soft'

"...one listen is all it takes to remind someone of just how good he is...." Ned Raggett, Allmusic.com [more]

"David Kilgour’s sure hand is all over this record. Like the best stuff from the Clean, Left by Soft sounds immediately recognizable, but still difficult to pin down." Matthew Fiander, Pop Matters [more]

" the record is a spotlight for his delightfully unhinged guitarwork, which veers frequently into long, eloquent solos..." Steven Hyden, A.V Club [more]

David Kilgour - Falling Debris, 2009 Reviews of 'Falling Debris'

"You realise that these aren’t poems grafted onto music but something far more intricate and personal. It is as though Kilgour’s music has grown up around these poems, attaching itself to the words like they were always meant to be together." Nick Bollinger, NZ Listener [more]

Reviews of new Clean live album 'Mashed'

"...amazing, unique, brain-fryingly brilliant..." Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times [more] (scroll about halfway down the page)

"..the old firm of Kilgour, Kilgour and Scott has delivered this 12-track gem of a live collection taken from shows in the four main centres... the results are likely to gladden the heart of any fortysomething Flying Nunophile...." Russell Baillie, New Zealand Herald [more]

"The Clean have always been about great dreamy guitar pop and this album is no different, Lou Reedish, droning guitars building to crescendos and then falling again..." Xtine, undertheradar.co.nz [more]

Herald rating: * * * * *

As we stood, slightly sunstruck, watching David Kilgour and band meander pleasantly through a set in their early afternoon Big Day Out set, a young mate of a mate asked: "What band did he use to be in?"

The Clean, young fellow, The Clean. Pioneering they were. Flying Nun and all that.

And sometimes he still is, regrouping to play to the Nun-stalgic with brother Hamish and Robert Scott of the Bats. [more]

David Kilgour Cleans Up With The Far Now

Merge collects Clean chief's best on digital compilation

New Zealand isn't just some Edenic fairytale land where they filmed those Lord of the Rings movies. It's also an Edenic fairytale land with a rich musical history, a land which spawned the so-called kiwi rock of indie legends like the Chills, the Bats, Tall Dwarfs, Straitjacket Fits, the Verlaines, and the Clean.

Not to be confused with David Gilmour, David Kilgour and brother Hamish founded the Clean in Dunedin [more]

All summer long by Gordon Campbell

More than 20 years after the Clean first disbanded, David Kilgour is still evolving as a songwriter and guitarist. And still making a living. Thank the fans in Nashville. And the folks at Telecom.

The externals look pretty sweet. These days, David Kilgour lives with his partner Genevieve at the top of a turning column of flower-and-weed-tumbled steps, in a wooden house with a sunny porch, near the end of a pleasant cul-de-sac in Dunedin’s North East Valley. [more]

Far Off Town - Dunedin to Nashville

‘It’s a nice thing to do, maybe make a record in America’ muses David Kilgour. As a founding member of the seminal Clean and a legendary presence on New Zealand’s independent music scene for over 25 years, Kilgour is quietly expressing an ambition that to most musicians might seem obvious, perhaps run-of-the-mill. But for Kilgour, nothing is predictable.

Far Off Town charts his time in Nashville recording with members of Lambchop and casts its net wide, becoming a meditation on the nature of the music scene in the home of country. Far Off Town is in part a straight documentary catching Kilgour and Lambchop at work and play, relaxed and extemporizing. [more]


From his earliest days as a member of the legendary Clean onward, singer/songwriter David Kilgour stood among the most important figures on the New Zealand pop landscape.

A native of Dunedin, Kilgour first emerged in 1979 as the guitarist of the Clean, the highly influential trio he co-founded with his drummer brother Hamish; when the group disbanded three years later, the brothers reunited in the Great Unwashed, which proved even shorter-lived. [more]

David Kilgour (opening for Lambchop), Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA, March 13, 2002

To say that David Kilgour is a cult hero is a bit of an understatement. The fact is, you can pretty much divide the world into two camps regarding Mr. Kilgour: those who look at you funny and say "David who?" and those who sigh, dream like, and say "my idol...Well, perhaps that's overstating the point a bit, but a little hyperbole never hurt anyone, did it? [more]