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"The 9th" album, 2011The 9th
Sam Hunt with David Kilgour & The Heavy 8's

Released May 4th, 2015.
Bandit King Records.

Distributed by Rhythmethod
Digital download at iTunes.
Digital download from Bandcamp.

Sam Hunt talks to Radio New Zealand about new album "The 9th"

Sam's interview at Mysterion Art Factory


Album Notes

Sam and I talked about making this LP eight years ago after meeting each other on a plane over New Zealand. (Though I had thought about making this LP back in the early 90's!)

In the meantime, amongst other LPs, DK and the 8's made an LP (Falling Debris, Arch Hill Records, 2008) using Sam's verse.

When Sam, DK & the 8's toured NZ promoting Falling Debris back in 2008 we worked up some music for Sam's poems to be performed live. Musical versions of The 7th, Wavesong and Gunners Lament (James K Baxter) were written for the tour.  The music for Gunners Lament is a re-working of an old Heavy 8s track called Sept 98 (A Feather In The Engine, Merge Records, 2001).

It took us so long to make this LP because we were always busy and we were determined to record Sam live with the musicians. We didn't want it to be one of those recordings pasted together long distance with Sam overdubbing poems onto pre-recorded tracks etc. Or Sam sending us recordings of poems that we could record with. We needed to be in the same room. It took a while before a gap was found. 

So March 2014 Sam came to Dunedin for seven days where we wrote and recorded for about 4 days in an old hotel in Port Chalmers called Chicks. Apart from the three poems mentioned earlier all the rest were worked up over these four days.

Sometimes Sam would suggest  a mood for a poem, or I might be strumming away idly on guitar playing nothing in particular for no one in particular when Sam would say "hey keep playing that,  I think I've got words for that". Or we would pick up our instruments and improvise something up on the spot in pursuit of a Sam suggestion. All of Sam's vocals were cut live with the band.

DK and the Heavy 8s got too busy to promote their new LP End Times Undone (released on Merge Records, August, 2014) in NZ with a tour, so we're kind of seeing this tour as celebrating the release of both LPs, but in particular the 9th as its fresh off the block!

We will do some shows in June 2015 to promote the LP.
5th June, Chicks Hotel, Port Chalmers
6th June, The Sherwood, Queenstown
26th June, San Fran, Wellington
27th June, Kings Arms, Auckland

David Kilgour, March, 2015

all enquiries can be made via the contact page or https://www.facebook.com/david.a.kilgour or samhunt.co.nz

Dk and The Heavy 8s with Sam Hunt